Happy To Be Back!

Happy To Be Back!

This Christmas I asked Santa to give me my business back, and finally after 10 long months I have managed to reopen my store and also launch my new Etsy shop in collaboration with my sister Martha (all because they only allow to open new shops in Etsy Payments countries and it's not present in Georgia). 

I have moved to Tbilisi with just one suitcase and my little Bonny and I could only bring a few of my favorite tools with me, leaving all my leather workshop behind in Novosibirsk. I will try to bring it here but for now I will be setting up a brand new workshop here and it will take some time until I am able to make new patterns again (I don't even have a printer yet). 

I plan to write a couple of articles in this blog about the worst year of my life which 2022 definitely was, how it felt having lost everything, and how I moved to Georgia. 

I still miss my old Etsy shop with almost 8000 sales and hundreds of 5-star reviews, but they did not want to re-enable it for me. But the new one is doing pretty good, although it will take some time to gather all the sales, favorites and reviews again. 


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