Leather Craft Patterns

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Customer Feedback

  • Kyanna

    This was an excellent pattern! I built a stethoscope bag and made a couple modifications. Everything was very straightforward I'm looking forward to building it many times in the future!

  • Kris

    The template and instructions are superb with lots of detail. It is going to make a great project. Even better, Marina was wonderfully helpful to get me a usable format for laser cutting the pattern. She went above and beyond, given the modest price for this high-level of product. Highly recommend!!!

  • Enken

    Marina's leather designs are without fail the most original and interesting patterns around. I am a leather working beginner and I have made bags from these patterns that I am really proud of. The patterns are easy to print and always fun to put together. I think one day I will have one of every style in Marina's shop! 😁 so highly recommended.

  • Scott

    The pattern is easy to follow and the results are just as the pictures show. Karlova has patterns that are well worth the investment in both time and money.

  • The Farting Duck

    This is the cool fun backpack I've wanted for a long time, can't wait to make it! All Karlova patterns I've bought are great, clear instructions and easy to make.

  • Amy K.

    Make the fucking best! Make Karlova!


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  • Art Before Business

    Some people used to criticize me for putting art before business. For me this is the right order of priorities, because there's nothing more boring than "just business".

  • I Design Them For Myself

    I don't make things that "might sell". This is boring. I design and make stuff that I would love to have in my life and use it on a daily basis. This way, they have life in them.

  • I Care About My Customers

    Whenever anyone is stuck or has "stupid" questions I always try to lend a hand and help them to successfully finish their project.

  • I Am A Perfectionist

    While it is not helping much in everyday life, but when I work I pay attention to every detail and always test-drive my prototypes so I can better understand how they work, or is there anything that can be improved in the future projects.