You can sell the items you create using this pattern but I would kindly ask you to buy the pattern again for every 10 items you sell, this is a way for me to get my royalties.
Most of the times, I don’t think so. For some patterns this is, probably, doable, if you have a cobbler.
Yes they are, for 5mm stitching irons. Micro Satchel pattern is the only one that does not have holes, just stitching lines. Unlike most other patters from other designers, I make hole marks in the shape of dots, not circles. For me this makes it easier to gain more precision when punching them. However they can be a bit hard to see through the tape. I use transparent scotch tape or just cut the paper pattern outside of the contour and tape the margins.
Check your printer settings. If it is in Portrait mode, change to Auto, it should solve the problem. If it doesn't work or you don't see this setting, download free Acrobat Reader and print from there with the Auto orientation setting. https://get.adobe.com/reader/
Send me a message. Sometimes (cause we are all human beings and I am too) mistakes do happen, although I try my best to double check everything and keep the patterns bug free. If you find a real bug in a pattern and report it to me, you get a free pattern of your choice from my store.