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Chugureti Messenger Bag Leather Craft PDF Pattern Download with Video Tutorial

Chugureti Messenger Bag Leather Craft PDF Pattern Download with Video Tutorial

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Video tutorial:

Dimensions: approx. 16" x 11.5" x 4"

My largest shoulder bag so far, it's a comfortable satchel, briefcase, or computer bag, suitable for both men and women, it has 5 pockets and a lot of space inside. Thanks to its design it's a head turner, but it isn't difficult to make, if you follow the tutorial.

What you are gonna need: 


For the back panel - the heavier the better, minimum 7-8 oz. Should be full grain to provide the maximum strength. For the bottom and straps - 6-7 oz, medium to stiff temper.For the front pocket gussets, flap backing and back pockets - 3-4 oz (3 is better to decrease the overall bag weight).For the flap and lateral gussets - 3.5-5.5 oz soft to medium (you can use stiffer stuff but it will be harder to turn it right side out after stitching the sides). 


3 x 1” buckle 
5 x 1” button studs (Sam Browne)
1 x 10” zipper


Scissors, knife (paper knife or rotary cutter would also work).
Stitching irons: my pattern is made for 5.2mm stitching irons (5 stitches per inch). If you have 5 mm irons print the pattern at 96.7%) 
Needles - according to your thread size, a pair of harness needles. My thread is 0.6 mm.
1” and 3/4" bag punches (oblong). Hole punches. Rivet setter. 
Mallet. Buttonhole punch would be handy too.

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