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Heart Gift Box PDF Pattern

Heart Gift Box PDF Pattern

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This listing is for PDF pattern to make the box, not the actual box!

Make a Christmas, wedding, anniversary or Valentine's day gift box that can be a separate gift itself! Or you can put some money in it, and it will still look romantic.

Oh and it can be used as a keepsake or a jewelry box too. Small project that can be assembled in a day - quick last minute solution :) If you use veg tan you can do some beautiful tooling on top (and I definitely would love to see the pictures).


I used 6-7 oz firm leather (red), 3-4 oz for lid joint, 5 oz for the bottom and 5.5-6 oz firm for the inner layer of the bottom part.

It’s a box, so there’s no soft leather. Top, bottom and sides can be 5-7 oz medium to firm temper. Important! The inner layer of the bottom part (white one that stick out above the box sides which you can see when the box is open) has to be very firm temper. Probably not less than 5-6 oz. The stiffer the better. The very bottom heart isn’t so important and can be 5 oz medium. The joint - 3-4 oz, can be soft or medium, that isn’t too important. Looks good with a contrasting color.

Size: approx. 5" x 4" x 2"

Pattern is designed for hand stitching.
Comes with written instructions and pictures.

The pattern has stitching holes marked for 5 SPI stitching irons (5 stitches per inch, or approximately 5.2 mm). 5 mm stitching irons made by metric system sometimes fit, sometimes they don’t (depending on manufacturer). If you have 5 mm irons and the spacing seems a tad too large for them you can print the pattern at 96.2% scale. I advise to print one page and try your irons to see how they fit before printing the entire pattern.

Formats: A4 and USLetter + SVG file for the anchor.

Video about how to print the patterns and solve common printing problems if they happen:

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