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Loafers - Sizes US6-US11 (Women) Leather Craft PDF Pattern Download

Loafers - Sizes US6-US11 (Women) Leather Craft PDF Pattern Download

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This listing is for PDF pattern to make the loafers, not the actual shoes!

Comfy stylish loafers that you can complete in a day! I have made two pairs already :) They are pretty easy to make, however I think some leatherworking skills are still required - you will have to skive, work with some stinky glue and you gotta have a firm hand.

Sizes: US6 - US11 (see Size Chart in the Photos to this listing to convert them in cm or other systems.

Don't know your size? Place your foot on a piece of paper (standing) and make an outline with a pen or pencil. Measure the length in cm and see the size chart.


I think that the best leather for these shoes is something around 3-4 oz with firm temper. I used a crazyhorse for one pair and bridle for another. If you use thicker leather (which is also fine, 4-5 or 5-6 oz) then the central part (tongue) will need to be skived outside the stitching line in order to be easy on your toes when you wear them. Also you may want to skive the ends of the sides so the seam on the back of the heel wouldn’t be too bulky (but keep in mind that this seam has a lot of load so just skive the seam allowance, not the stitching line itself).

Some thick and firm leather is needed for the footbed and the sole - the thickest you’ve got starting from 6-7 oz, 9-10 oz is perfect.

I recommend using rubber protector for the sole. You can use a store bought sole altogether just cut it to the right size. Some soles even have a raised heel so you won’t need to cut those heel parts and glue them together.

Next thing you’ll need is a good glue. I use chloroprene rubber adhesive that is commonly used in shoemaking, to glue the sole on.


None :) Unless you want to play with the lacing part and add something there instead of the laces, like a piece of chain or something. You can modify those parts to fit your ideas.


Scissors, knife (paper knife or rotary cutter would also work).
Stitching irons: my pattern is made for 5mm stitching irons (5 stitches per inch). If you
are willing to use any other size please make sure that the hole count is the same where
it has to be the same.
Needles - according to your thread size, a pair of harness needles.
Mallet, hole punch.

Pattern is designed for hand stitching.
Comes with written instructions.

Formats: A4 and USLetter.

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