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Limulus and Cumulus PDF Pattern Bundle

Limulus and Cumulus PDF Pattern Bundle

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This listing is for PDF patterns to make the backpacks, not the actual backpacks!
Get them in one package and save about half price of the second one.


I have been asked many times if I could make a bigger version of the famous Limulus backpack (see the catalog), and finally I designed the Cumulus: this design is not just good looking but also very practical. I like to have a back pocket to put my phone in it, and also I usually wear the backpack on one shoulder - the design of the Cumulus allows me to get in the backpack without taking it off, no matter which shoulder you like to wear it on! Very handy :)

And besides that, it is a total head turner!

Size, approximately: 14.5" x 13.5" x 3"

You will need around 7 square feet of leather to make this backpack.
5 oz veg or chrome, medium to firm hand, for the body. 3-4 oz for the zipper trim and logo patch. 6-7 oz for the straps.

2 x 13” zippers (the length of the zipper opening is 12.4”)
1 x 8.5“ zipper (the length of the back zipper opening is 8.15”)
4 x button studs

Scissors, knife (paper knife or rotary cutter would also work).
Stitching irons: my pattern is made for 5mm stitching irons (5 stitches per inch). If you
are willing to use any other size please make sure that the hole count is the same where
it has to be the same.
Needles - according to your thread size, a pair of harness needles.
Mallet, rivet setter, snap setter, hole punch, 1” bag punch (oblong).
Pattern is designed for hand stitching.
Comes with written instructions.


This is a small (9.5”x8.5”) cute backpack that requires minimum hardware and is pretty quick to make (I finished it in one day). Level of difficulty - upper intermediate, requires certain level of precision and accuracy.

I recommend 5 oz leather for it, you will need 3-4 sq.ft. plus straps.

When I was designing it I had no idea about that horseshoe crab that looks so much like it. Thanks to people in my Facebook group who helped me to give it the proper name :)

Pattern is designed for hand stitching.
Comes with written instructions and assembly pics.

Formats: A4 and USLetter.

The patterns have stitching holes marked for 5 SPI stitching irons (5 stitches per inch, or approximately 5.2 mm). 5 mm stitching irons made by metric system sometimes fit, sometimes they don’t (depending on manufacturer). If you have 5 mm irons and the spacing seems a tad too large for them you can print the pattern at 96.2% scale. I advise to print one page and try your irons to see how they fit before printing the entire pattern.

Video about how to print the patterns and solve common printing problems:

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