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Manzana Basket PDF Pattern

Manzana Basket PDF Pattern

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This is a small basket, good for Easter eggs, fruits, bread, or just carrying your stuff around the house from room to room (like I sometimes need to carry my phone, charger,  cigarettes, lighter, etc from the living room to bedroom and back). 

What you are gonna need: 

Knife or scissors, stitching irons, maul or mallet, pair of harness needles, waxed thread. Burnishing agent, burnisher, and sandpaper. 

2 pieces of leather, for the inner side (lining) something thick and stiff like 5-7 oz, for the outer layer 3-4 oz. 

On the pattern, the body and lining are the same, so no big deal if you confuse them.

What's included:

US Letter and A4 printing formats
Printing instructions
Video tutorial


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