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Pencil Pencil Case 2.0 PDF Pattern

Pencil Pencil Case 2.0 PDF Pattern

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Video tutorial:

New version of Pencil Pencil case. Slightly longer, without hardware, but significantly more stitching :) Great project to use your leather scraps!

Pencil Pencil Case 1.0:

The pattern has stitching holes marked for 4 mm stitching irons.

Video about how to print the patterns and solve common printing problems:

Length: 10”
Diameter: 2 1/4”

What you are gonna need:

Knife or scissors, stitching irons, maul or mallet, pair of harness needles, waxed thread

Main body and "wooden" part of the tip: 5-5.5 oz firm temper.
Graphite tip: 3-4 oz firm temper.
Facets: 1-3 oz
Eraser: 5-5.5 oz firm temper
Eraser “holder” (white): 1-4 oz
Eraser holder inlays: 2-3 oz (you may try craft foam or any other material here)


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