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Round Phone Cradle Leather Craft PDF Pattern Download

Round Phone Cradle Leather Craft PDF Pattern Download

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This is a PDF pattern to make the phone cradle, not the actual physical product!

The series of smartphone cradles which are easy to make and handy to use. Buy them all in one pack and save a couple of bucks, or purchase each one separately.


Round: W:4.7" D:4.7" H:4.6"
Square: W:3.7" D:3.7" H:4.6"
Ellipse: W:3.5" D:4.8" H:4.6"


For the sides the leather should be thick and stiff, at least 6 oz. I used from 5.5 to 10 oz and I would say 8-9 is the best.
For the bottom and the bottom rim it doesn’t matter too much, I used 4.5 oz crazy horse, it works fine. Something around 4.5-5.5 oz will work, and it will be easier to stitch if the rim isn’t too thick.
For the top there are 2 options, I tried 4.5 oz crazy horse on the Round and Square, the Ellipse is done with stiff 5 oz veg, I would say I like it more. If leather for the top is too soft, it may become wavy at some places, and we don’t want this.


Scissors, knife (paper knife or rotary cutter would also work).
Stitching irons: my pattern is made for 5 SPI stitching irons (5 stitches per inch).
Needles - according to your thread size, a pair of harness needles.
Mallet, hole punch, rotary hole punch.
Burnishing agent and burnisher (optional but desirable)

Patterns are designed for hand stitching.

Formats: A4 and USLetter.

The pattern has stitching holes marked for 5 SPI stitching irons (5 stitches per inch, or approximately 5.2 mm). 5 mm stitching irons made by metric system sometimes fit, sometimes they don’t (depending on manufacturer). If you have 5 mm irons and the spacing seems a tad too large for them you can print the pattern at 96.2% scale. I advise to print one page and try your irons to see how they fit before printing the entire pattern.

Video about how to print the patterns and solve common printing problems:

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